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I received an email from John, seems while he was raking leaves and dumping them down a ravine he lost his keys. We met 2 days later. At the back of John’s yard is a steep ravine to a creek down below. While he was dumping some leaves he dropped the trash can. When he went to get the trash can he took a tumble down the hill. After he was done later in the day he noticed that his keys were gone. He thought that the best place to start is where he tumbled. I got started and immediately got iron hits. There are all kinds of cement with rebar and pipes down this steep hill. This is going to be a tough hunt. I almost lost my footing several times. I turned the sensitivity way down to try to combat some of the signals that I was getting. The leaves were piled up about 2 feet deep. After about 5 minutes I get my first non-iron hit. It was John’s keys. What a relief. Now to get back up the hill to give John back his keys. He was very happy and stated that one of the keys would have cost over $200 to replace. Another successful recovery in very short time. I love my hobby!!!


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