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A couple of weeks ago, My son was contacted via text message, asking if I still hunt for missing items. He told them that I still enjoyed the HUNT and would contact them shortly.

I got a hold of the dad and we decided on a time to meet at the possible location. Early on a Sunday morning we arrived. There were some very large piles of leaves at the side of the road.

The story goes that some high school buddies were leaving a party to walk home. They saw all of the large piles of leaves and started to rough-house, push and roll in the leaves. When Ian got home he realized that his very expensive key to his vehicle was missing.

I started to search and found out that there was a drainage pipe running along the road under the piles of leaves, causing a constant beep on my machine. I kept searching hoping for a different tone. I did manage to find a large piece of iron railing and some soda cans. We went to a different pile. Same pipe setting my machine off. After about 15 minutes I heard a different sound. I dug down in the pile & discovered a karabiner with some keys attached. It was them. Another successful hunt!! I saved the owner about $300 for a replacement key. If you have lost something metal, contact a professional metal detectorist. If you try renting or buying your own machine, it takes a very long time to learn how to use it. I can find items on land and in shallow water. If you need it found, I’m your man, The Metal Detecting Man


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