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I received a call from a woman earlier this week, let’s call her Zoey, asking if my detector would find rings & a necklace. Last weekend she hosted an outdoor party and lost 3 silver rings and a necklace. Her concern is that after having too much to drink, she hid them somewhere in the house. I explained my machines work great outside, but with all of the nails, wires, and pipes they can’t be used inside. If she wanted me to search inside it would be a visual search.

She wanted her backyard searched around the bar and firepit. I agreed to meet her on Saturday. She showed me the area that needed to be searched. It took maybe 15 minutes to search the yard with no luck.

I asked if there was anywhere else she wanted me to search. There was a small outbuilding that housed all of the wood for the firepit. I used my handheld detector for that search. No luck. She asked if I could search a few areas in the house. So inside we went.

We searched on the first floor with no luck. So we moved to the second floor. The walls had a lot of decorations, pictures, and knick-knacks. With my handheld detector, we searched the pillowcases. I asked if she wanted to search her clothes drawers. She searched them with the handheld detector. No luck. There was limited light, so I was using a flashlight. As I was looking at all of the interesting items on the wall, the light from the flashlight caused something to sparkle. It was kind of hidden by the curtain around the window. It was the necklace, hanging from a knick-knack. On the necklace were the 3 rings. SUCCESS!!

It looks like she removed the necklace and put the 3 rings on it, refastened it, and hung it on the wall. She was so happy that we found the jewelry. She said the day of the party she treated herself to the necklace, she said it was expensive.

I love my hobby!!

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