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Recovery #396

Yesterday I was contacted by Jessica in Millstone NJ. She was referred to me by someone I helped in the past on their local community page. Hoping I could help, She reached out to me and I made arrangements with her to come out to her and her Fiancées horse farm. At some point she realized her beloved Pendant that her late Father had custom made for her was missing. She wasn't sure if it came off while attending to the horses or when she was thrown while practicing her jumps. Apparently her horse Cory decided he was ready before her. The next morning she realized the pendant was gone. First she tried searching with a detector she bought from harbor freight. No luck unfortunately. Her Fiancee had mentioned seeing if there is someone out there more experienced in this area and that is where I come in. It was quite a bit of property to cover so I started with the most likely areas, Including where she fell. The first area did not have it, The next was the ring area. She showed me where she went down so I searched there as well to no avail. Ready to call it a day and come back another time, I usually turn off the machine and carry it back. But this time I had a feeling and decided to detect all the way back to my truck. Within 5mins of that I had a great sounding target. Dug it out and sure enough, It was her pendant! I put all my gear in the truck. Walked back towards Jessica and we met at the gate for the ring. I asked her if she was sure she fell in that spot. She replied yes. I said well, It's not where you fell, But it was in the ring! I opened my hand to show her I found it. She was in shock! Oh my god! You found it! And with a great big hug came a, I don't believe it! Thank you so much! I told her it was meant to be, About the feeling in my gut. I think your dad gave me a little guidance.. I am so happy I was able to help! Another happy ending!

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