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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Recovery # 411/412

Matt St.Germain 732-581-0285

I reached out to Eileen after seeing a Facebook post she made about losing her wedding ring set in Manasquan NJ to offer my assistance. At first, She was not sure if they were in the house or on the beach. I did not hear back from her right away but I decided to try the beach anyway without luck. I reached out to her again to talk and ask more questions about where she was exactly on the beach. She gave me the additional information. At one point it was determined she usually removes her rings to put on sunblock and places them under her leg on the beach towel but she wasn’t sure she did that time. While her family was searching the house thoroughly I went back out that night to continue my search on the beach and within another hour I got the type of sound I was listening for. The first ring I found was her wedding band, Then about a foot away I found her engagement ring! Since it was late at night I waited until later that morning to send her a message asking for a photo or description of her rings. Once she did, I replied back with a photo of my own telling her the ones I found looked just like the ones she lost. She was in disbelief at first because she was leaning towards them being lost in the house. But soon that turned into happiness and relief! Just in time to celebrate her 16 year anniversary with her husband Marc. He proposed to her on the very same beach her rings were lost at. Since she was out of town I met with her father Al to return them. I love a happy ending!


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