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After returning home from a ring recovery I found that I had a Facebook message from a friend stating that a friend of hers had lost his platinum wedding ring on the beach earlier that day while playing with his kids. I was then contacted by the owner of the ring who informed me that her husband was in front of the life guard stand in about knee deep water about 45 minutes before high tide. He put his hands in the sand playing with his daughter and as a wave came in he got up and his ring was gone! I decided the next morning would be the best time to hunt the beach to get to the area and after searching for about 40 minutes I found the ring about 6″ deep in the sand right in the area they described to me. Even tho it was 7am I called Debbie who was still local in their beach rental house as they just started their vacation a couple days before to come down to the beach and pick up the ring. I could hear her on the phone telling her husband I found it and he was just like No Way! and she replied Way!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Glad I could help!

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