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Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In the words of my Buddy Dennis: 6/5/20 Got an email from Rachael while enjoying the day at the beach in Belmar she laid her high school ring on her towel then decided to move her spot. Forgetting she put it there it got lost in the sand when it fell off. I went right down to the beach after talking to her getting information as to where she was sitting ( she had already left the beach ) and couldn’t find it. Trying to remember and give me an area, she was off some distance from where she really was. Called back and asked for more information she could think of. So with her email and new info I made arrangements with fellow RingFinder Matty St Germain ( 2 detectors are better than one sometimes, what ever it take to reunite someone with their lost item ) to head out together that night because he had a recovery himself a few towns away. We split up the area we figure it should be and Matty came up with the ring. Sorry to say we weren’t as lucky in finding Matty’s recovery but that was lost 3 days earlier and the guy wasn’t sure how or where he lost it. Met up with Rachael 2 days later


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