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I woke up to a voicemail. A gentleman (let’s call him Stan) left a message about a lost ring. We played a little phone tag, after a few calls we were able to speak. He said he was tossing a football with his son yesterday and he saw his ring fly off of his hand. He was unable to locate it. The reason he called was to rent a metal detector. I told him that I don’t rent my machines. I told him that I provide a service and would look for his ring. He stated that this was too good to be true. I told him to visit my website so he can see that it wasn’t a scam.

I arrived at a freshly raked yard. Stan was outside waiting with several children. I asked him to walk me through what happened. He tossed a football and watched his ring fly. It was a yellow gold ring with kangaroos on it. I started in the pile of leaves. 30 seconds in a get a good signal. move the leaves to find a piece of junk metal. The ring was not at the curb. I moved to the grass. Stan has a sprinkler system installed. It shouldn’t be a problem. The first target is a dime signal. The second signal is a zink penny signal. The third signal is the sound and number that I was looking for. I separate the blades of grass and see a gold ring pushed down into the dirt. It looks like it was stepped on. I pulled out the ring and showed it to Stan. He said OMG, I thought that I would never see that ring again! I got a Bro Hug! He was so happy. The ring was bought many years ago in Australia. The kids were amazed and so happy that the ring was found and returned. Smiles all around! I found the ring in less than 10 minutes. It took me longer to drive to Stan’s then it did to make the recovery. Stan told his son that he has to take the ring off when they play catch. I LOVE my hobby!!!


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