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Memorial day has started the summer season here at the Jersey shore! Half way into the day I received a call from a guy who had just lost a very sentimental gold & diamond ring his father had given him on the beach. He explained that he was sure it was within a certain area where he and others were throwing a ball and doing flips etc.. in the dry sand section of the sand and not in the ocean. I told him I could be at his location on the beach in a couple hours and got on the road. Meeting him at the beach entrance we went to a marked off area where he felt the ring might be and I fired up my White’s Beach Hunter id 300 metal detector and began to grid the area carefully. Digging a few trash items I finally received a solid mid-tone in my headphones and scooped up some sand where the detector had pinpointed the signal and Bam! there laid a large gold & diamond mens ring in the scoop! He hadn’t realized that I found it so I casually walked up to him and his friends on the beach and asked if one could take our picture with his his ring that I was showing him at the same time still laying in the bottom of my scoop,Lol! He just filled with amazement and literally hugged me right there explaining how much the ring meant to him and how thankful he was for my service. Another great recovery and another happy customer! 2015 season is looking good!


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