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I received a call from a woman who while on vacation with her family who had lost 4 rings in the surf the day before and was seeking my help. She explained that while in knee deep water her grand daughter was holding onto her pinky finger where she wears all 4 rings. When the granddaughter had gotten knocked down from a wave the 4 rings were stripped from her finger and disappeared into the water. Checking with the beach patrol, life guards and hotel to see if there was a lost & found or someone that does metal detecting in the area she was referred to the local police department where they do know of someone who has found rings for people and gave her my information. Arriving at the beach the next morning where lost the rings she explained that there were 2 gold wedding bands, a platinum band and an older diamond wedding ring that was her mothers. With low tide now approaching I began my grid search pattern in the wet sand and shallow surf. After just a short 30 minute hunt I received the first good signal and uncovered one of the gold bands and within seconds of my next swing of the detectors coil received another signal and uncovered the platinum band. A few steps later the 3rd ring, another gold band and then things got quite for a few minutes as I moved on searching and then there was the 4th ring, her mothers wedding ring! I immediately called her and asked her if she would like to come down to the the beach from her hotel and pick up her rings. Upon arrival she was extremely shocked at how fast I had found them and was so relieved and happy to have the family heirlooms back on her hand. Another Great Day!

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