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Lost Rolex watch and Cartier wedding ring Manasquan NJ

Recovery #425/426 Matt St.Germain 732-581-0285

I was referred to Alex and Justin by fellow ring finder Ed Cropski. While at the beach in Manasquan NJ with their families Justin had his brother in law Alex put his Rolex watch and Cartier band in their beach cart before going into the water. While they were packing up to head back to the house Justin went into the cart to retrieve his watch and ring only to find they weren't there. They searched for them with no luck. I was on my way home from another recovery in Normandy beach so I diverted and headed up there right away. They met me at the beach and showed me where they were. They believe the watch and ring became wrapped up in something being taken out of the cart and fell out into the sand. The waves from high tide had also washed over the area and could add to the problem in finding them. I began my search and within 10mins I found the watch. After a bit of celebrating I then continued and shortly found the ring. They were so happy and relieved I found them. They insisted I head over to Leggetts to share a celebratory shot with them which I happily accepted. What a great way to end the day with 3 successful recoveries!


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