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Lost Silver necklace in Lacey Twp Lake Barnegat 2 found by Matt St.Germain

Recovery #457

Matt St.Germain 732-581-0285

Last night I was tagged in a post about a lost necklace. Jessica wrote me on behalf of her son Xavier. While he was in the water wrestling around with his friends, One of his friends accidently pulled on his necklace and it fell off into the water. The cedar water is hard to see the bottom in so they tried to find it with their feet with no luck. Xavier was devastated, It was a back to school gift from his Grandmother and he only had it for a week! I went out there this morning and began a search. After a little over an hour I found it! Jessica met me soon after so I could return it. She was very happy to get it back for her son. Another happy ending!


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