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Lost Silver ring in Manasquan NJ found by Matt St.Germain 732-581-0285

Recovery #428

I was contacted by Tim 3 days ago about helping him find his friend Matt's ring.

While at the surfing beach with friends and family Matt had given Tim his ring to hold onto while he hit the waves. Tim had put it on his own finger but it was a bit loose and when they were packing up to leave, Tim realized the ring was no longer there. They searched for hours without luck. Later on Tim found me doing a search. He was no longer in town but pinned a map for me. I went out there that night and searched for a few hours but the ring did not turn up. I spoke to Tim further and it was determined the area he marked may have been a bit off. He came out and met me the next night and showed me where. I searched for another hour or so but had to go 10 blocks away for another ring at low tide and told him I would come back to continue after. He had to head home and after I found the other ring I went back to where I left off. Another hour later I finally got the right sound. Sure enough I found Matt's ring! Tim was so happy I was able to find it. We met up a few days later. He sent a picture to his friend to let him know we got it back for him. Another happy ending!


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