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I received an email from Marta, she was asking if I could help find a small gold earring. She said that they tried renting a metal detector and the machine would not beep when testing with the other earring. She asked if I would travel to Malvern, PA.

We made arrangements for early Sunday morning to try to beat the heavy rain that was forecasted. I arrived at 7am, and it was still dark. I must have made the deer in the area curious, they all came out to see what I was doing. I waited on the long narrow driveway until I could see without a flashlight.

I was met by Marta’s husband. He showed me the area of the search. He had set up a barricade so the landscapers wouldn’t cut the grass in the area. He even sprayed the area with orange spray paint, it looked like there was a murder there. He stated that his 5 y/o daughter was watching caterpillars in the grass, when for some reason she took off her new earring, given to her from her grandmother, and dropped it. They were a special handcrafted set of earrings from Portugal. The rain didn’t hold off. It was raining by the time I made it to the search area. They didn’t think I would show up in the rain. I put the remaining earring in a sandwich baggie and set up my machine to find gold nuggets and tested the earring in the baggie. I mentally recorded the number and sound in my mind. Off to search. There were coins in the area that I didn’t dig. I was looking for a certain number and sound on my detector. I didn’t want to waste time digging in the chilly rain. 10 minutes into the search I get the number that I was looking for. I spread the grass and see gold. It was the earring that I was looking for. I never expected this search to be a quick one. The weather conditions alone could have played a major factor. It took longer for me to put on my Gordon’s “like” rain then it did to find this precious gold earring. They were amazed that I found it so quickly. The surprised look on dad’s face when he saw 2 earrings in the baggie was awesome. Another happy client!!


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