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Last night (August 5th) while taking a long walk on the beach with my wife, I got a call from fellow jewelry recovery expert Edward Cropski. He received a call about a lost ring. He was unable to come down to the beach to search. He knew I was in Ocean City, so he called me to see if I was available. He gave me the number for Chris.

I called Chris. He said while on the beach today he took his ring off before he went into the water with his kids. He put it in the cup holder of his chair. After swimming they went home for the evening. He remembers flipping his chair over to shake the sand off.

When he got back to where he was staying, he remembered about his ring. He immediately went to the internet to search for help. He was glad that I called. I told him it would take me about 30 minutes to meet him where he thought he lost it. We only hoped that another person detecting the beach didn’t already find it. The beach he was on is heavily detected. As I approached Chris & his wife and son, there was another guy in the area with a detector searching the sand. Chris showed me the area he was in and where he thought that his chair was. I started to search. I thought to my self this should be easy because it was a small area. I searched the area and came up with 6 bottle caps and 5 pull tabs along with some other junk. Only 1 penny was in the area. Chris’ wife thought that the ring was gone forever. I expanded the area the Chris thought that he was in. About 2 minutes later I got a good tone & ID number on my machine. It was his ring. When I showed it to them the looks on their faces was priceless. Chris’ wife just stood there with her mouth open in shock. Chris told me that this was his dad’s ring. His dad died of cancer in 1989. He also said that this was the 4th time he lost the ring. The 1st time was went he was fishing in a stream. He went to wash his hands in the water, the ring fell off. He grabbed as much of the bottom that he could and found the ring in the muck. The 2nd time was was spreading mulch in his yard. He once again was able to find it. The 3rd time was in Puerto Rico swimming in a pool. He had management clear the pool and searched and found it. He swears and so does his wife that he will never wear it near water again. He hugged me and shook my hand several times. Another missing ring returned thanks to teamwork!


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