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Back Yard Troubles!!

Received a call from Katie. She told me that her husband lost his wedding band in their back yard. She found me by searching the internet and found Ring Finders.

I asked several questions about how it was lost. We decided on a date & time for me to search for the ring.

I arrived on a hot & sunny day in May. Katie’s kids were sleeping, so she said that she would be out in a few minutes.

I had Katie show me about where her husband was. She said he was in the driveway, cleaning out his car. He was throwing something when his ring came off. I had her show me the direction that he made his toss.

I thought that I had enough information to start the search. The detector that I chose for this hunt was my Minelab CTX 3030 with a 11 inch coil. I started my search an the area was clear of trash.

1.5 minutes into the search I got my first signal. I moved the grass around and bingo, I had the wedding band in my hand.

I walked towards Katie & showed her the ring. She was amazed that I had found it so fast. I took a few pictures and headed home. Another successful recovery!

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