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I’m home from vacation unpacking & cleaning my metal detectors, and I get a phone call from Kate. She says that her husband was in the backyard watering the flowers when he lost his wedding ring. I ask the usual questions when was it lost? Today Is there any metal fencing around? No Has anyone else looked? No. She said it was lost a few hours ago, they believe that it is in the neighbors yard, but its un-kept. They live in Philly. The thought about renting a detector and while searching for detectors my site came up. I looked up the address and said that I could be there in 45 minutes. She said make sure you come prepared, there are a lot of mosquitoes. After searching for a parking spot for about 20 minutes I found one about a block away. I took 1 detector with me and walked to their house. I met Brett at the door. He showed me out back and where he was. He said he was watering the plants when a mosquito buzzed by his ear. He swatted at the bug an his ring flew off. He didn’t hear it land so it had to be in the neighbors yard. His yard is covered by a wooded deck. The neighbors yard was a mess. It hasn’t been taken care of in years. The only way in was to climb over a 5 foot cement wall. Brett said that the neighbor game him permission to search, but he had to figure out how to get in & out. The bugs were worse than I imagined. I had to go back to my truck and get a send detector with a smaller coil because of all of the trash. I also put on a long sleeve shirt and a hat that not only covers my head but mu neck too. With the assistance of a step stool I was able to get into the yard, not sure how I was going to get out because it was much higher on this side. There were so many metal items in this yard my hopes were very low. I decided to look around 1st. There was no grass, but plenty of weeds and 3-4 foot saplings. Weeds with sticker balls and the like. I searched for about 15 minutes just by looking. Moving the plants & saplings. I was just about to gram a detector when I saw the ring. It was a beautiful tri-colored gold ring. White gold, yellow gold & rose gold. Brett said when he was looking for rings for the wedding he just couldn’t find one he liked. He told his dad the the only ring here really likes is the one his father wore. His dad without hesitation gave him his ring. So there was a huge sentimental attachment. I found a milk crate to give me a little height to try to climb out of the yard. It was just enough for me to pull myself up and get over the wall. We went into the house & took some pictures. I’m not sure if I would have found it with a detector, even with a 3 inch coil to get through the trash. I guess I am getting pretty good at this treasure hunting thing!!


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