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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

To lose my wedding band in the Ocean on the 10th street beach in Ocean City, N.J. was devastating. If it was in the sand on the beach, I would have held onto a shred of hope, but not in waist deep water during the height of the tourist season! The only people to ask “what to do?” were the lifeguards. They referred me to the South Jersey Metal Detecting Club. We had a laptop with us so we went back to the house and shot you guys an email. You replied instantly with some questions, and it gave me hope of retrieving my wedding band 2 weeks before our 10th Anniversary! A week or so went by and I figured it was time to be realistic. Then came the phone call from Larry! He had found my ring! Under water amidst the crowds of swimmers and boogie boarders, he found my ring! He mentioned it to the lifeguards and they remembered me and my family and told him he may know whose ring it is. I described it to him and I couldn’t believe it! Dave, you and Larry and the rest of your club that enjoy searching and reuniting people with such sentimental objects such as wedding bands are beyond a shadow of a doubt some of the classiest guys I have ever had the privilege to know. Thank you for all that you have done! Thank you from my wife as well. Meeting you guys on that same beach was quite poetic and a real pleasure! I will NEVER forget what you guys have done for me! You’re going on the Christmas card list, but I’ll bury yours on the beach somewhere around Thanksgiving and give you another “heads up”!! Just kidding, ha-ha! Thanks again for everything Guys!!


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