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I received a message on my Facebook page N.J. Lost Ring Finder from Diane asking if I could help locate her husbands wedding ring that he had lost while attending a company picnic. She explained that the ring was handed down from his grandfather and although he could just purchase another ring it would not be the same. Paul was having a catch with a football in an area and after some time noticed that his ring was gone. After hours of searching on their hands and knees they had reluctantly began to lose hope when someone at the picnic mentioned that there is a service that helps find lost rings. Searching the internet they found my information and we agreed to meet at the park the next morning. Unfortunately the area that Paul had been in was littered with pull tabs, foils and other picnic trash so finding the gold ring was not going to be that easy. Marking out the area and programing my Whites V3i for possible gold targets only I began my search. After about an hour of searching and the area nearing the end Paul began worry his ring was lost forever. Receiving a solid gold signal on the detector I looked down, moved some grass and saw the gold ring. I called Paul over and asked if he could watch my detector for a minute so i could go get my camera because I wanted to get a picture of his ring in the the grass which is right over there! He was totally caught of guard by what I was saying and shocked that I had located the ring. Needless to say he was finally relieved and called his wife right away with the great news. Another great day!

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