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I received a call from a woman asking if I could locate her husbands wedding band that they believe was lost in their backyard while doing yard work this weekend.

As I just finished up a successful lost ring recovery earlier this morning I decided to see if I could make it 2 for 2 and headed out to her home. Arriving at the house I was greeted by the wife who then took to the small backyard but there were not only many small garden beds but piles of weeds, grass some of which was already bagged so this was going to be another challenge today. I decided to use my White’s V3i metal detector and small search coil.

After searching all of the garden beds and lawn area I still had no ring so even though I felt kind of bad dumping out the bags of grass they had it was the only place left I felt the ring could be if in fact it was lost there at all? Dumping 3 out of 5 bags and still no ring I dumped the 4th,spread out the contents and waved my search coil across the debris “Bam!” a load response came from the detector. I got started running my fingers through the grass clippings and out popped the gold ring! I called her over and just when she was ready to give up I held the ring up and brought a smile to her face. Another successful recovery, another happy customer!

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