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Ernie sent me an email requesting my services. Sometime this morning while doing yard work he lost his tungsten wedding ring. I had some time this evening to search.

I met Ernie at his house and he showed me what he was doing earlier. He spread a lot of mulch and rinsed his hands a few times with a hose. The yard has a lot of thick zoysia grass.

I started my search and found a few small pieces of aluminum siding. After about 10 minutes Erie went into the house. 5 minutes later his wife pulled up as I was getting a signal. It was Ernie’s ring. I put my finger over my mouth to give the signal to be quiet. I went over to the front door and asked Ernie to come out because I had some more questions.

I pointed to behind some bushes asking if he was back there, his ring was on my finger. It took a while for him to realize that it was there. Another awesome look on his face. We took a few pictures and he said he would chat up my services on social media.

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