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Last month I received a call from a guy that stated he lost his wedding ring in the ocean. His description of the ring was that it was white gold with about 5 or 6 diamonds in the front and that it had a band of 18k yellow gold running through the white gold except where the diamonds were. So I went to the section of the beach where he stated he was swimming at and hunted the area near the life guard stand just to the right of the beach entrance and hunted for hrs during the outgoing tide and finally gave up with no ring? Checking back with him he verified that I was in the right area and I told him I would try again the next day at low tide. I returned and to my surprise the life guard stand was now a bit further down the beach then the previous day and I began the search all over again. After digging some clad and a nice silver woman's ring I dug a huge Triton tungsten ring with 9 diamonds and a band of 18k gold, Hmm? At the time I didn’t think it was his ring but after I called him he had found the receipt and stated he had been mistaken and that it was indeed a Triton tungsten size 15 with diamonds/18k wedding ring I knew it was his ring! He was so happy and relieved that I had found because he was so worried about informing his wife that he had lost it during their vacation. He lives in Albany, NY and I mailed it back to him and he sent me the pictures of him wearing it and a nice reward, Thank you! Another happy customer!

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