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Great Job Dave Milsted! #393

Gloomy Day turned nice!

Bob contacted me through my website, asking if I could search for his lost ring. He had been doing yard work, and when he went to Loews for more supplies, he noticed that his titanium wedding ring was missing. We were both available this Saturday, weather permitting. We are expecting 4 days of heavy rain.

Saturday morning was gloomy, but the rain paused; we now have a fine mist. I met Bob at his house. He showed me his work area in the front of the house. He had planted some flowers and placed about 2 inches of mulch. If it is not here, it could be in his backyard, as he made several trips to his shed. I asked if he had searched his car, and he said yes. He also searched the parking lot at Loews.

I got started, and he returned to the house to tend to his 6-month-old & 2 large dogs. I did a quick check of both flower beds and noticed there were a lot of iron targets. This took all of 5 minutes. I dug a few, and they were old nails. So I need to slow down and make a much more thorough check.

About 10 minutes later, I got a signal under one of the bushes. Dug down about 3 inches, and there was his silver titanium ring. I took a few pictures and knocked on his door. Bob came out, and I asked him if I could search the backyard toward his shed. As he was answering and trying to figure out why it wasn’t here, because he was sure this was where it would be, I held up his ring, and when he finally noticed, the look on his face was priceless. I had asked him if he was in the dog house because he had lost his ring, he said no, but his wife was disappointed. She will be happy again.

I love my hobby!!


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