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I received an email from a newlywed couple saying that the husband lost his wedding ring in the back yard while raking leaves and playing with some kids. They found me through a referral from the internet.

We set up a day to meet for me to hunt. Turns out they live on the next street over from me, we’re neighbors.

We met on a Sunday afternoon, and they showed me the area that he believed that he lost it. The far back of the yard near a tire swing. They left me to hunt as they had things to do in the house since it was getting near Christmas. As I started to search the area I was getting a lot of iron signals. The area this house is in was in the same general area where there was a stage coach stop for people traveling from Philly to the shore in the 1700 & 1800’s. I had to turn down the gain on my machine a lot to make it stable. I searched the area for about a half an hour with no luck. I then decided to expand my search area. Most people think they lost their item when the notice it missing, but a lot of times it isn’t even close to where they lost it. After about another 15 minutes I get a very good signal in my headphones. I separate the thick grass and there is a white gold ring. The inscription inside is “Duet – The Way You Are”. I go up to the house and knock. They look disappointed. When they opened the door they said I guess you are giving up. I asked them if the ring had an inscription. They said yes and told me what it was. I then said I guess this belongs to you then, and opened my hand with the ring inside. The were so amazed that it had been found. I get more hugs from strangers after finding items, then I get from my family. They had already inquired at a local jeweler about a replacement. We took some pictures and they asked me about some of my stories that are on my website. 2015 was a very good year for me returning lost items. I am hoping for a better 2016!! Thanks for taking the time to read my adventures.


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