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I received a call from Karen asking if I could come out to find her husbands wedding ring he lost while doing yard work ? She stated that they had just been married the previous weekend and when Joe came in the house after doing some yard work she noticed he wasn’t wearing his ring and he hadn’t noticed it had fallen off. As the days passed she had seen how upset he was and they started thinking about buying or renting a metal detector and came across my ring finders recovery service in the area on the internet. I assured them that if the ring was on the property I could find it and we agreed to do the search the following day after work. Arriving at their house Joe showed me the areas he had been working in and also had some bags of grass and debris which I would also search. Covering a section of the backyard and dumping and searching the bags and still no ring so I decided I would move out front to continue the search. While walking to the gate I continued swinging my White’s V3i metal detector and as I passed a storage shed I received a nice solid gold signal in the grass at a shallow depth. As I moved the grass aside Joe’s 1 week old ring glimmered in the sun! The whole time during the search Karen & Joe had been watching for the magical moment and just as Joe had gone in the house for a moment I found it and held it up for Karen to see. Her face lit up with happiness and as she took a deep breath I handed her the ring and called joe outside stating I found it! As Joe walked out his first words to me were “Your a miracle worker” and shook my hand. He then asked where it was and when I showed him he was surprised how it got there. What an awesome feeling it was to reunite this ring with these newlyweds and see the smiles on their faces! Another great day! Another great recovery!


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