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Melissa called me earlier in the week. Her husband of 1 year lost his wedding ring. They think he lost it in the yard doing yard work 3 weeks ago. Wednesday afternoon would be the day I could search.

They had looked into buying a replacement but, the new ring was much more expensive then it was a year ago.

I get to the location, and I am greeted by Chris & Melissa. Chris explains that he has lost some weight and his ring was loose. He put it in his pock while he was cutting the grass. It was the same pocket that he put his phone. He took the phone out a few time to change the music he was listening to. He did this a few time in the front yard. The property is about an acre.

They had borrowed a metal detector from a friend but didn’t have any luck. It was constantly beeping. I started in the front yard. At about 1 hour and 45 minutes into the hunt, I did most of the front yard, from the road towards the house. It was getting to be dinner time, and the mosquitoes were getting hungry. I decided that I would search near the front steps, then go to the backyard and search around the shed before calling it quits and returning this weekend. 15 minutes later I get a really good tone, had to get down on a knee and pull back the grass, and there is a cobalt ring with 14k rose gold inlay. Awesome looking ring. I was about to ring the doorbell when Melissa showed up at the door. I showed her the ring, and the look on her face was priceless. I got a huge hug. Chris was very happy to see his rig. He didn’t believe that I found it near the front steps. He said that it had no chance of being there. Another success story!!


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