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Ya mon, no problem!! June 21, 2012 My first morning in Jamaica and I was out on the beach at 5:30 am with my detector, searching the warm waters. This is the 1st time I have traveled outside of the USA with my detector. Very relaxing!! The water was very warm and I had the beach to myself, watching the sun rise. I was having fun finding coins when a man called me over to the dry sand. He said that he knew where there was a gold ring. I asked him several questions. He said he lost it yesterday while playing catch in the water. He was about chest deep when he felt it fly off. I asked him where he was. He took me down to the beach bar and said “out there”. He said it was a yellow & white gold band with no inscription. I told him I would look for him. He said that there was a problem. He was leaving the resort in 45 min to fly back to Wisconsin. Nothing like pressure!! I told him to leave his information at the desk so if I find it I could make sure it gets returned. He said he would. I went out to the area he pointed to. First signal was a set of room keys. About 15 minutes later I had another signal. Two scoops later I had a white & yellow gold ring in my hand. Wow! I found it! I quickly left the water, ran back to my room to drop off my equipment and to grab a camera. My wife was still sleeping so she couldn’t come with me. I was hurrying up to the resort lobby. I saw Matt walking down the path toward the beach, scanning the water. I can only guess the thoughts going through his head. Where did he go? Did he find it and leave? He then spotted me walking toward him. He asked how I made out. I reached into my pocket and produced the ring. He said “No way!!” He couldn’t believe it! He said he was so happy he was ready to cry! He said that he wanted to give me a hug. I said I was wet and smelly. He didn’t care. He gave me a hug. He said that I needed to follow him to the lobby to meet his wife. When she saw Matt walking toward her holding up his finger, she screamed “No way!!” She said to me that she needed to give me a hug. I told her that I am soaked and smelly, but she didn’t care. She gave me a hug. They told me they were there celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. We had a bystander snap a quick picture because their bus was there waiting to take them to the airport. We exchanged some basic information. They offered me a reward, but I declined. I was happy that they could end their vacation on a happy note. They had a long travel day ahead of them. Both of them now wet and smelly!


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