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I received a call from Frank who explained that while jumping off a dock while on vacation he had lost his wedding ring 2 weeks ago. He stated that the location was on the bay and during low tide the water was only a few feet deep and the bottom was firm sand. Although he had attempted to search for it in the area he was unsuccessful. We agreed to meet at the location the following weekend with the outgoing tide and as I entered the water I felt confident with the search as the conditions were as he had described and the area was small. After about 40 minutes of digging stainless steel screws from the recently constructed dock and a few trash items I was starting my 2nd grid search of the area and received a nice solid gold signal from my White’s metal detector. Sliding my long handle sand scoop into the sand I was happy to seeing his gold ring laying in the bottom as the water washed the sand away. Overlooking from the dock above a sudden look of happiness and relief came to his face as I said “Bingo!”and handed him the ring. He was very thankful and called his wife right away with the great news! Another great day! Recovery #94


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