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I received an email overnight asking for help in finding a lost wedding band. I asked the usual questions, when, how, where, type of ring, what is the ring made of?

Nicole’s husband was doing yard work earlier in the week and noticed when he was done that his ring was missing. They believe it might be in a huge pile of leaves. The property is about a half an acre. They have searched with no luck. I agreed to do a search Saturday afternoon.

I arrived at the house and there were 2 people in a car in front of the house, obviously searching for something. It was Nicole’s parents looking for the ring. No luck. I met Nicole and asked her to show me the possible locations that the ring might be.

She showed me a large pile of leaves. It was large. I asked to see the back yard. We walked through the gate and stopped as she explained where her husband was working. As she was explaining I looked down to see how thick the grass was, and there was the ring. No metal detector was used and I found it in less than 1 minute. Nicole couldn’t believe it. She said everyone has looked and couldn’t found it. Her parents were amazed. It took longer for me to put my equipment into my truck than it did to find the ring. Another happy client!

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