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I received a message on my Facebook page N.J. Lost Ring Finder from Samantha asking if I possibly help find her wedding ring she had lost in the snow? She stated that while throwing the dogs ball in her backyard she felt the ring fly off her finger and although she and her husband had searched for it even after purchasing a metal detector the ring was nowhere to be found. Searching the internet she came across my Facebook page and decided ask for my help as she was missing her cherished wedding ring more and more as the days went by as she had only been married a year. We agreed to meet that weekend and give it a try! Arriving at her house I was greeted by Samantha & Clint and we entered the backyard where there was still some snow covering the area but nothing like the 2 feet of it when the ring was lost the week before. I asked Samantha to reenact how she threw the ball that day and when she did I noticed that although the ball went in a forward direction the motion of her left hand was actually more to the left. I searched the cleared area where the ball landed first with no success except for a few pieces of foil and a nickel and told her I believe it’s in the area to the left where the snow covered patio furniture was stored. We moved the furniture onto the lawn area and I began my search and with minutes I received the signal I was looking for from my White’s V3i metal detector . Scraping away the snow I could see her beautiful diamond ring shinning through the snow. I turned to Samantha with my hand out to hers and handed her the ring. She immediately began crying with tears of joy and thanking me so much! What an awesome site it was to see her and her husband smiling again as she put the ring back on her finger. Another great day! Another great recovery!


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