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Earlier today I was tagged in a Facebook post about a lost wedding band. I promptly responded and was then messaged by Maggie. Her husband Danny was out on a kayak with one of their children and when they came back Danny and another family member went to flip the kayak over to carry it off the beach when Danny noticed something fall. At first he thought it was a shell but when they got back to the house he realized it must have been his wedding ring because it was no longer on his finger! I made arrangements to meet them this afternoon to conduct a search. They gave me an idea of where they entered the water and where they came out. There was a lot of people in the area but as they learned what had happened they very politely moved over as I searched. After about an hour and no luck I told them instead of continuing to ask people to move I would come back later after I finish this one last area that was open. During the 4th pass I got the sound I was waiting for. Sure enough I had it! I held it up in the air and yelled! They were so happy and surprised and everyone around us was amazed I had found it! Everyone was yelling and clapping with joy! Now they can continue enjoying the rest of the weekend with their children and family! I love this hobby!


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