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April 25th, 2020 was going to be the most beautiful day of the week. So I had made arrangements to meet Mark at his parent’s house. This is where his wife lost her wedding ring a week ago playing field hockey in the backyard.

The area was beautiful, foggy, and a nice wet lawn, easier to track where I have been detecting, so I don’t miss anywhere. Mark wasn’t there yet, so I met his dad, Dennis. We did the whole social distancing thing.

He showed me a vast backyard, where they played field hockey last weekend. I asked if they were in any particular area, and he pointed to more then half of the yard. Oh boy, this could take a while. I went back to my SUV and got my detector.

I just started to search, and I heard someone say hello, I had headphones on, so I began to look around. It was Mark. I asked him a few questions. He was able to narrow the search area down a little. I was going to start my search at the swing set. I started to search, and I got a good signal. I couldn’t see anything because the grass was so thick. I used my pin-pointer and spread open the grass, and there was a beautiful white gold wedding ring with several small diamonds. Less than 2 minutes of searching, it was in my hand. I needed that. I took a few pictures. Mark was up on the deck. I started walking towards him and asked is there any area that his wife was in the most. I said that I didn’t want to be here all day. I said I had another question that might help. Does her ring look like this? And I opened my hand. The look on his face was priceless. No hugs or handshakes. Just smiles. I asked for his wife’s cell number and sent her a few pictures. Within 30 seconds she called Mark in total disbelief. She worried all night that I wasn’t going to find it. I had told Mark when he contacted me earlier in the week that if it were in the yard, I would find it. He believed me until his wife changed his mind overnight. I love my hobby!!


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