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I received an email from Jon asking for my help recovering his lost wedding ring. He explained that he had lost it on a beach on the 4th of July nearly 2 weeks ago when he folded up his beach chair. He had taken the ring off to go swimming and put the ring in the chairs cup holder but forgot when they were leaving and folded the chair up and losing his ring in the sand. After speaking with him on the phone he stated that this was a bay beach and not a lot of traffic or ocean waves were there so maybe it would be there? I agreed it was definitely worth a shot and met his wife at the beach a few days later. Once I arrived at the beach I definitely was optimistic as there were only a few people on this tucked away little piece of paradise beach. As his wife and kids set up their beach blanket I staked out they area with some flags and began my search for his white gold wedding band. The kids enjoyed tagging along for the search and were having fun digging targets and even trying the metal detector. After searching for about 20 minutes I received a good solid gold signal at about 5 inches deep. I scooped up the sand and shook the scoop revealing the nice heaving gold wedding inside! Everyone was so excited and were amazed at it recovery. The 7 year old son stated “I am so happy for my Dad” Awe! An absolutely great family and recovery! #98 Lost ring recovery!!!


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