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I received a message from Gary asking if I could find a well-head. I had to ask if it was made of metal, as I don’t know anything about well-heads. He said yes, so I said yes. Then he said it was paved over with asphalt. I said I would try. We met the following weekend. Gary showed me the area that he thought the well was in. It is in the parking lot of bustling strip stores. There are 12 well-heads on the property. They know where 11 of them are. I asked if he had blueprints that I could see. He didn’t, but he had an old hand-made drawing that didn’t have the additions of the new buildings. I looked at the picture and hoped that the driveway was in the same place before the new construction. I started my search. Within 10 minutes, I had 2 good hits that could be what we were looking for. I went over to one of the known wells to check out the signal it gave off. It gave off 2 loud signals within 3 feet of each other, just like I found. Gary painted marks on the parking lot. Gary said that he would have one of his construction crews dig it up the following day. The next day Gary sent me a picture of the well-head. He said that he wasn’t aware that a service like this was available. He works for a large construction company that is always looking for metal objects. I told him to keep my information and number, and I would be glad to help him out. He said he would be calling a lot. I love my hobby!

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