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Out camping with the family this past weekend and just happened to get a call for a lost wedding ring at the very same campground that we are staying at. After a brief search, recovered the diamond and white gold ring.

Client review of service via FB “Lost Ring & Jewelry Service” page:

Every married ladies nightmare came true today when I lost my engagement ring and wedding bands on the beach! I went to lather my daughter up in spf, handed my husband my rings and he sat them on his lap. He then jumped up to grab our daughter and both rings went flying. Even worse we didn’t even notice they were gone for fifteen or so minutes later! We sifted through the surrounding sand for an hour and were googling local businesses to see if they sold or rented metal detectors to no avail. We thought we were out of luck. Thousands and thousands of dollars and all of that sentimental value was gone. My mom started googling metal detector services and found a ring finder directory. She found a man out of cape may and thought “what the hell” let me give him a call. Luck would have it that he was staying in the SAME campground as us!!! Five minutes later he was at the lake with his state of the art equipment and within minutes my rings were back on my finger. The beach erupted in clapping and cheers! Ladies, keep this gentleman’s info. You may need him one day! We can’t say thank you enough!!


















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