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I recently received a text from a nice woman, we will call her Betty in nearby Medford. She explained that her husband lost his wedding ring in their yard. She also stated that she was heartbroken. She found me by doing a search for metal detectors, she was going to rent one, but found the Ring Finders instead.

She described it as a plain white gold thin wedding band.

We made arrangements to search 2 days later. I arrived and looked over the area, lots of trees, shrubs and leaves. This could be a long hunt due to the size of the property.

I started a grid search and immediately found the underground sprinkler system. Other than that, there were no signals in the area. About 20 minutes into the search I got a good signal. I looked down and could see the ring through the grass.

I started to take a picture of the location and the ring when Betty came over to see what I was doing. I picked up the ring and held it out for her. Tears streamed from her eyes. I also received several hugs.

Another successful search. If you ever lose anything metal, don’t waste your time trying to rent a metal detector. It takes years to learn how to use one properly, especially if you are looking for jewelry. I can search in shallow water, sand, dirt and grass. Need a property marker found? Give me a call.


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