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I received a call from Sharon while I was at work on a 24 hour shift. She explained to me that she was catching some rays in her backyard and took off her wedding band and placed it on her towel. When she was done she got up and shook her towel, forgetting that she removed her ring.

When she discovered that it was missing she did a search of the yard with no luck. They had company over and they were all on their hands and knees searching. They even borrowed a family members metal detector with no luck.

She did an internet search and found me on Ring Finders and gave me a call. I explained that I was at work, but I could meet her the next day. She agreed.

The next day Sharon gave me a call while she was on her way home from work. I met her and her husband, Justin. They showed me the area that Sharon was sitting. I went to may truck and got my machine. It took 3 swings when I got a nice strong low tone. I bent down and moved the grass to reveal a platinum wedding band. Found with in less than a minute.

Sharon and Justin couldn’t believe that I found it so quickly. The smile on her face was priceless…

Below is her story:

Dave, I can’t thank you enough for finding one of my most valuable possessions, my wedding ring. I lost it because I let my vanity get the best of me- I took it off while getting some sun and soon thereafter dropped it in the grass. I didn’t notice that it wasn’t on my finger until hours later but by then it was too late. Neither me, my husband nor 3 other friends could find it after hours of searching. We even borrowed a family member’s “really good” metal detector but soon learned that not all metal detectors are made equal. Lucky for me, after searching online for metal detectors, I found your advertisement online under “Ring Finders.” I had no idea someone like you was out there but can attest, your job is highly valued as you found my ring within a couple of minutes. Unbelievable! My husband and I are forever grateful. Sharon and Justin.


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