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Amanda called me today in a panic. Her husband was in the backyard playing basketball and lost his wedding ring. They searched for a while with no luck. I told her if it is there I will find it. The kicker is they were married 5 days ago. The ring is a little too big and they have discussed getting it sized. The chilly air today didn’t help the cause.

I drove down to Williamstown tonight after work. It is dark and raining. Amanda showed me the area that the basketball court is located. It is a grassy area covered in leaves. The area is about 50 feet by 50 feet. There are no lights, so it was pitch black.

I decided to start close to the hoop. It could have been anywhere due to dribbling and shooting motions. 3 signals in and less than 5 minutes I found the ring! It was under some leaves. Amanda was standing in the rain watching me. I walked over to her and I guess she thought I was going to ask some more questions. When I showed her the ring she was so surprised that I found it and couldn’t believe that I found it so fast. I got a hug! I’m glad my wife doesn’t get jealous, because I get a lot of hugs doing this service! It was nice to have another quick find. After seeing the size of the area and it being so dark, I thought for sure that I would be there a very long time. I love my hobby!! Another happy client!


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