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While at home I got a referral from fellow Ring Finder Dave Milsted about a lost ring in Long Beach Island, Surf City. He couldn’t make it and reached out to me to see if I wanted to go. While enjoying the beach Ali’s ring slipped off her finger in the area she was sitting. They were leaving the area the next day and she was heart broken thinking she might have to leave without her sentimental promise ring given to her. I told her it would take an hour to get to her and she was fine with that. I gathered up my detector and headed to LBI. She met me at the house she was at and led me to where they were sitting on the beach. They tried to find it themselves sifting through the sand but had no luck. She showed me the area she felt the ring was in and she was right on the mark. Just a few sweeps of my detector I heard the only signal in that area and sure enough there was her ring. A nice gold arrow that wraps around her finger. She couldn’t believe how fast I found it and was so relieved to have it back. I was so glad to reunite her with her beloved ring.

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