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I received an email from Mark who asked if I could help him find a missing Property Survey Marker. It was marked a year or so ago with a little flag but has since been moved by a neighbor.

We set up a time for the upcoming Saturday. The weather was perfect for a hunt. I met Mark and he showed me the area that he was searching in. The grass has been matted down pretty good from all of the foot traffic and hand & knees searches.

I got my CTX 3030 and started the search. I think I swung my machine twice before getting a good hit. Dug down with my trowel and unearthed the marker. The whole search took less than 1 minute. It took longer for the machine to turn on then it did to find the marker. Mark was searching about 6 feet away from where the marker was located.

If you have lost something metal in the South Jersey Area, including Southeastern Pennsylvania or Northern Delaware give me a call. Save yourself a lot of frustration trying to find it on your own or wasting money trying to rent or buy a metal detector. It takes years to learn how to use a metal detector properly. You can reach me at my Ring Finders Hotline (707) 706-3626 or


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