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Got a call from Ken asking for help to find his girl’s engagement ring lost at the beach while enjoying the 4th of July At Ocean Grove. Told him I’d be there as soon as I could seeing it was late and was going to be dark soon. Getting to the beach it was packed with people waiting to see the fire works and I was hoping someone wasn’t sitting on it. Seems she took it off to put lotion on and gave it to Ken and he rolled it up in his shirt bottom and forgot it was there and later stood up and out fell the ring. They didn’t notice it was missing till they got home because both of them thought the other had it. He showed me one area he though the were sitting at and that didn’t have the ring. He was talking to his girl and telling her where we were and she thought they were sitting a little more to the one side about 25 feet or so, so that’s where we headed to and on the second swing of the detector I found the ring. Another happy ending and Ken is no longer in the ” Dog House ” ( had to throw that in )


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