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SPENT THREE WEEKS IN THE DRINK! 9/5/2014 Lost Ring Found by Jeff Laag

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

The beach this ring was recovered from has a very steep slope and it is VERY rough during low tide. At high tide it is difficult to the sudden shallow water that causes the waves to come in like bombs. I have worked this beach at least 18 hrs total over the past few weeks trying to find this ring. So today I decided to take the family there with the hopes of searching during the “Mid tide” change and it paid off. The owner has been notified and was overjoyed as this particular 14k diamond ring was a gift from his mother for his 60th birthday. Persistence paid off in this particular situation!

Clients review of service: A message from my Uncle Danny,” Jeff exceeded my expectations. I def thought the ring was lost forever. Thanks to Janet Westcott for being adamant to my wife to contact Cmp life guards and Jeff’s never quit attitude my prized possession was found. Thanks again Jeff for your persistence!!!”


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