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Art sent me an email asking if I would search his yard in Cherry Hill. He needed his property markers found.

We agreed to meet after work a few days later. I take three different machines with me on each hunt. For this hunt, I chose my Minelab Explorer II. I ran it wide open with no discrimination. The whole search took less than 10 minutes; It took longer to pack my truck than it did for the search.

The markers were buried beneath 1 inch of dirt and grass. Art was a very happy man. He stated that he has been looking for them for a very long time. He didn’t want to have to have his property resurveyed.

Art didn’t want any pictures taken.

If you have lost something metal in Southern NJ, the Jersey Shore, SE Pennsylvania or Northern Delaware, give the Metal Detecting Man a call. I can search land and shallow water. Check out for some of my recoveries over the last 20+ years. Don’t waste time renting or buying a metal detector, give a professional a call.

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