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This one was on me, no email or text. I was detecting 1 am low tide and was in knee to chest deep water when I found a beautiful ring. At first I thought it was a collage ring but after getting home and getting a better look it turn out to be a 1994 United States Naval Academy ring. The name on the inside was pretty worn but with the help of fellow RingFinder Matty St Germain we figured out the first and part of the last name. With the help of google and facebook we figured out who the owner was. First googled The class of 94 of the academy, Found the only Jose. Them went to facebook and found his page, even with a picture of him with the ring on. I sent a message, no reply. Posted on his page, still nothing. Then we turned to the ring itself. Found out the manufacturer who made the rings for the academy for that year and gave them a call to see if they kept any records. Luckily Jose wanted to resize the ring in 2019 and they had a phone number listed for him. I called him up and he couldn’t believe what I was telling him, that I had his ring and wanted to return it. Turns out he was visiting his in laws in Avon and was spending the day on the beach. He went for a swim and with having the ring resized ( a little bigger than he wanted) the ring slipped off his finger. After wearing that ring for 25 years he thought he would never see it again. It took 2 days of google searches but he now has his beloved ring back where it belongs. I knew if was the right thing to do, He worked hard for that ring and our country. A GREAT happy ending and good feeling.


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