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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Got an early morning text from Jackie this morning asking for help with in finding her wedding and anniversary ring sets she lost at the beach yesterday in Long Branch. Wanting to enjoy the summer weather we’ve been having, she decided to take the family to enjoy the day at the beach. She took off her rings for safety and placed them in the side pocket of her beach bag. During the course of the day with going in and out of the bag the rings fell out and she didn’t realize it till she went to get them while back at the car. They were gone. She went back down to try and look but had no luck. She told the park ranger to report it in case someone finds them. Living up north she couldn’t come right away to show me where she was but sent a few pictures she took of her son playing and gave me a good idea as to where she was sitting. I loaded up my car and headed right down to the beach and started to search. I wasn’t having much luck and remember she told me there was a flat area by the water she was at. I noticed what was left of that area because it got washed out that night with high tide. I started to search there in the wet sand and within a few passes back and forth I found the first ring and then the rest of them. Luckily the rings didn’t get washed out. I texted her the good news and she couldn’t believe I found them. She was so grateful and relieved, the main wedding ring was handed down through the family and couldn’t be replaced. We made arrangements to meet up that afternoon to reunite her with her beloved rings. A happy ending for everyone.

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