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Recovery #397

I got a text from fellow Ring Finder Dave Milsted asking if I could help with a recovery in Belmar. I was just getting off work so I told him to send me the contact information and I gave them a call. Milica told me that she lost her rings the day before in the ocean while at Belmar. Milica and her husband were in Philly visiting family, they are from Serbia. They decided to spend the day at Belmar to enjoy the beach, while there she went for a dip in the ocean. There was a slight drop off getting into the water and she only got a short distance from shore before she got knocked over by a wave. When getting back up she noticed her rings were no longer on her finger. She was devastated, turns out her engagement ring was made from a family heirloom diamond handed down to her from her grandfather. She thought she would never see it again. Her husband told the area he thought they were sitting at the time it happened. I headed right down to the beach seeing I had an hour left of low tide, went to where he told me but after over an hour of searching I didn’t have any luck. I called to let them know and asked if they could meet me the following day to show me the the area and they agreed. I went back down after work and when I walked on the beach where I was before but didn’t see anyone. Looking down the beach I saw a couple a block down waving to me. Turns out I was in the wrong area the day before. After talking with them i entered the water and started detecting. After an hour of going back and forth I wasn’t having any luck, now its been 3 days the rings were in the water. Then I got a faint signal, good one but real low. I checked it out and I saw the wedding band in the scoop. Checked the hole again and there was the engagement ring in the scoop. Seems they sank in the soft sand after 3 days in the surf. I had them on my pinky and left the water saying I was tired, and I guess she thought I was giving up, sad look on her face, them she looked down and saw her rings and let out a scream, started crying and gave me the biggest hug, saying thank you over and over. All of JOY. I’m so glad I was able to reunite her with her beloved rings. It was a great feeling for both of us. I didn’t have my phone to take pictures on the beach but she sent me some herself.

Great Happy Ending

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