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Got a call from Cheryl asking for help in finding her lost wedding band at Spring Lake Beach NJ. I told her I’d be there within 20 minutes to help. They met me where they were sitting and explained to me that while on the beach she took off her wedding band to put lotion on her husband and placed it in the pocket of her sun dress and forgot about it. During the course of the day she took off her sun dress a few times and then remembered her ring but it was no longer in the pocket. She was devastated because the ring has never left her finger in over 20 years of marriage and now it’s gone. I worked around the area with no luck till we moved the chairs out of the way and just off to the side I found her ring. No words can explain her emotions getting it back on her finger where it belongs. This was a great recovery and a very happy ending. Glad I could help.

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