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Got a call from Loren asking for help in finding his wedding band he lost in his back yard. I made arrangements to stop over the next day. He told me that back in January the family lost their beloved pet cat and while putting it to rest under a tree in his back yard, when he was done he noticed that his wedding band was missing. Recently thinking of it he looked up metal detecting and found Ring Finders. He showed me the path he walked and where his cat was laid to rest. I started detecting under the tree and got a mixed signal and checked it to be sure and it turned out to be a piece of trash, then I heard another strong signal reading the ID number on the detector I was looking for. He turned over a small shovel load of soil ( maybe 8 inches deep ) and there at the bottom of the hole we both saw his ring. I was so glad we didn’t have to go deeper and disturb the site. Loren was so grateful to get his wedding band back on his finger where it belonged. A happy ending to a great recovery


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