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We all here at Ring Finders work together to make sure people are reunited with their items. With that Edward Cropski got a call about a lost ring in Long Branch but he’s a good distance away, he called Matty St Germain and he isn’t that close either so that where I come in. Matty asked if I would go ( i’m only bout 25 minutes away ) and I said yes. I called John and told him I was on my way. Seems John took off his wedding band to put on lotion, laid it on his lap then got up to get something and the ring sunk into the sand. After he noticed it gone he tried to find it with his hands with no luck. He found Ring Finders on google and called Ed getting the ball rolling. I got to the beach and he met me and took me where he was sitting. First target was a penny then swinging the detector a few more times I heard the tone I was waiting for and told John your ring is right here and sure enough I dug one scope and there was his ring. He couldn’t believe it. Another happy ending to his day on the beach. Great feeling giving back.


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