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Got a call from Jim while enjoying Father’s Day with his family at the beach, what was a good time took a turn for the worst. He took his wedding band off to take a dip in the ocean and placed it in the cup holder on his chair. Forgetting it was there he packed up everything to head home and then remembered the ring but it was to late, it had already disappeared into the sand. I met him and he showed me about where he was sitting but wasn’t sure if it fell out there or as he was walking off the beach. I started looking in the area he was sitting and was coming up empty, his kids were there watching and his son mentioned he thought they were a little closer to the water. With that I started on the other side from where I had already checked and sure enough the first pass down mid way I found his ring. He was so relieved. A great ending to his Father’s Day on the beach. Always a good feeling to give back.


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